Follow-up, hormonal treatments and more

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Follow-up examinations

You have been treated due to a malign gynaecological disease. Now, it is very important that follow-up examinations are carried out at regular intervals. Oncological follow-up aims at:

  • detecting recurrence of the disease (tumour recurrence)
  • detecting and treating accompanying or secondary diseases
  • helping you in case of physical, psychological and social problems

Follow-up examinations involve a detailed discussion, a gynaecological examination and the prescription of several additional examinations (e.g. identification of tumour markers, ultrasound, radiological imaging).

Obstetrics, surgical and
conservative in-patient treatment

Surgery and obstetrics
are performed upon appointment:
Gynaecological Hospital Dr. Geisenhofer
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80538 Munich
Phone: (089) 38 31-0
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surgical spectrum:

  • diagnostic and interventional laparoscopy
  • sterility testing (chromopertubation)
  • diagnostic hysteroscopy and hysteroscopic surgery
  • laparotomy
  • hysterectomy (abdominal, in some cases vaginal)
  • incontinence surgery
  • curettages, dilatation and curettage abortion
  • conization
  • breast surgery together with the breast centre of the hospital Dr. Geißenhofer in Munich

In order to discuss and plan surgery which is to be carried out by us, please make an appointment in our practice first.