Folliculometry, sterility clarification, endometrial diagnostics and more

Special ultrasonography

Information on ultrasound during pregnancy can be found in the separate link prenatal diagnosis

Gynaecological ultrasound scan (using colour Doppler sonography)
Gynaecological ultrasound scan with diagnostic documentation

  • assessment of all organs of the pelvis: bladder, uterus, ovaries, lymph nodes, vessels
  • endometrial diagnosis
  • sterility testing
  • folliculometry

Sonographic hysterosalpingography

  • ultrasound-guided patency test of the fallopian tubes of sterility patients

high-resolution Mammasonography (10 MHz transducer / colour Doppler)
Subject to prior consultation and clinical assessment, we recommend Mammasonography in the following cases:

  • in case of suspicious results of tactile examinations
  • as an additional method in case of breasts which are difficult to assess in mammography
  • in case of young patients with suspicious tactile results
  • in case of young patients with familial risk – in combination with other methods
  • However, general Mammasonography screening is not current status of what is recommended (tumour centre Munich).

Sonographic osteoporosis screening
painless measurement of your individual bone density, recommended for women aged 40 or older, sometimes earlier in case of familial predisposition.